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How to Install Linux on USB

Minggu, Januari 04, 2009

In addition to Windows, Linux operating system also can be run from a USB (flash disk).
Only in 5 minutes, you can install Linux from USB.

You can use tools called UNetbootin. To be able to install Linux from flash disk,
You must have flash disk with a meinimal 1GB

In addition to USB, make sure you have set the desired Linux distribution, namely: Arch linux,
BackTrack, CentOS, CloneZilla, Damn Small Linux, Debian, Dream Linux, Elive, FaunOS, Fedora,
Frugalware, Gentoo, Gujin, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Mandriva, NetBSD, NTPasswr, openSUSE, Ophcrack,
Magic parted, PClinuxOS, Puppy Linux, Slax, SliTaZ, Smart Boot Manager, Super Grub Disk, Ubuntu,
Xubunu, Zenwalk.
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For example, this time using the installation of Linux distro BackTrack 3 and Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS,
with Kingstone DataTraveler USB 2.0 1GB. Following installation steps:

1. Download UNetbootin, save on the desktop.

2. UNetbootin right-click on the desktop and select Properties.

3. Click the Permissions tab, check (v) in the box 'Allow executing file as program', then click Close.

4. Plug first USB port to the computer. This is very important because you will not be able to use USB if menancapkannya after you open the application UNetbootin.

5. Next, double click UNetbootin exe files that you have downloaded earlier, then type the password to open the application UNetbootin.

6. Select the version of Linux distribution and you want, and select the installation type and click Ok to start the installation.

Done! Reboot your computer and booting from a USB-lah. Now you can use the operating system
Linux portable you.

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