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Answers ThatWorkT M Problem – Laptop keeps shutting itself down or restarting

Selasa, Januari 20, 2009

Troubleshooting a laptop which keeps
shutting itself down or restarting
The Problem
You have a laptop which keeps shutting down after a few minutes of use, or which
keeps restarting itself randomly.This document aims to help you eliminate all possible easy problems yourself, thereby saving you time and, above all, expense, before you consider taking your laptop to the a Repair Centre.

This document assumes the following :
You have kept your laptop in pristine software environment condition by
using The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT) to pare down your background
programs to only those that you need. If you cannot afford the $29 cost of
TUT, then this document assumes that you will have at least maintained
your laptop using our free Task List Pages which contain a subset of TUT’s database.
You have a daily updated reputable antivirus program protecting your PC at all times. Random Shutting Down or Restarting Problems – What you should try

Faulty Battery
80% of all spontaneous shutdown and restarting problems on laptops are due to a faulty battery.Laptop batteries are like mobile phone batteries–they do not last
forever.A heavily used laptop, where the laptop is often used solely on battery
power,will use up its battery at any stage between the first and second year of
use.What is not very well known is that even if you always use your laptop from
the mains rather than on-battery, a faulty battery will still adversely affect your
laptop’s operation,from unwanted shutdowns to spontaneous restarts or freezes.
Try this : take the battery out, plug the laptop directly into the power mains, and see if you still experience spontaneous shutdowns or reboots.
Faulty Power Adaptor Although this is not a common occurrence, the power adaptors do go faulty, either through lack of tender care, or through wear and tear, or through a manufacturing fault.
Try this : With the battery still out of the laptop, if you have a spare power adaptor from an identical laptop, see if replacing it solves the problem. Otherwise, try wiggling the cord which leads from the adaptor to your laptop and see if that stabilizes the problem (sometimes the electrical wires inside the cord are broken and wiggling the cord makes them connect) – if it does then your power adaptor needs replacing.
Try this also : If you are in the UK replace the fuse in the mains plug of your power adaptor – that fuse may be faulty and causing irregular power input. Problem with Mains Power Is the switching off or restarting happening anywhere, or only in a particular place or room even ?
Try this : Observe the behaviour of your laptop in different places (work vs home), different rooms.

Faulty internal cooling fan
Most modern laptops have one or more internal cooling fans – it is those fans
which produce the quiet whirring noise you can hear when you turn your laptop on.
If any of these fans stops working, the laptop may overheat and, if it does, it will
automatically shut down to prevent total damage.
Try this : Observe whether your laptop shuts down after near enough the same amount of time every time (with the same amount of activity while it is ON – and allowing the laptop to cool down between experiments). If it does then it is quite probable that it is shutting down because of overheating. Feel the underside of the laptop with your hand – most times it is possible to tell that the laptop is abnormally hot.If your laptop is indeed shutting down because of lack of cooling then you need to take it to the Repair Store. Until you do so, should you need to use it urgently for a deadline, or to back it up before taking it in for repairs, try having a desktop fan aimed directly at one of the sides of the laptop and see if this allows you to work a little longer.

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