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In the Virtual Memory Ponsel

Rabu, Januari 14, 2009

Hand Phones
To have a mobile phone with a large capacity such as the Nokia series N Music Editon, up to several gigabytes, of course will have a problem when organizing drives and files. What if you want to split file? when you may not share, you will find it difficult? of the road you? forced to find one by one through the aid application file manager for mobile devices such as HP or explorer Fexplorer or SeleQ.

If you create a folder for each file, the day the more folders that you create, the more difficult the search, you can take a virtual drive. One is "Griffon Virtual Drive" which is for mobile symbian v2.

This application is a little different applications with a virtual drive on the PC. When the PC, the virtual drive is usually to make as though the program is installed run from a ROM drive, a virtual drive on the phone consists of the files that we created seems to be on a special drive. The point, to make it easier to search. For the installation and pemakaiannya is as follows:

1. Griffon Download from Here. Transfer files. Sis to the phone. It is recommended to install this application in the phone memory. Then restart the phone.
2. Run the application by selecting the menu on the Griffon. Click options -> open. But the display will be visible to some of the applications that drive is a mix between the original drive and a special folder. When compared with FExplorer explorer or other application, the drive will be visible to drive C: and D: drive which is a RAM drive that contains the mobile phone system, the drive Z: which is the ROM. And drive E: is a memory card is added to the phone. Embed with this application, there will be the addition of the drive, the drive A: (a video file storage), drive B: (a file containing pictures and animation), and drive F: (contains an audio file or voice). So this application automatically make the selection file video, audio and images.
3. If we want the conversion and then do so many features is available by clicking the left button. Start of setting options which include actions, control panel, the menu settings to the editor settings. Changing the color appearance on the application can also be done with a try one by one.
4. Other additional features that are interesting enough facilities available plugins can be used to increase and reduce the main settings that already exist. For example we want to add a sort (order facility file). No confusion in the menu when there is the English language is a little strange, because this application was made in the English language, turkey and russia are sometimes mixed with mixed. Try clicked aja content, then continued the menu will be visible in the English language.
5. When you select the drive to create a virtual folder -> click option (on the left button) -> main menu -> select move files -> drive contents (for example, K) -> then the screen will be visible to the folder that was selected earlier as the drive itself.
6. In the virtual drive that has been made we can also make special can only be opened with a particular application by selecting the file associations in option settings.
7. If we want to take advantage of this application as well as the application can also be explorer. Simply highlight the files you want to open and click the joystick, then the application will open. However, when an application is opened is not available applications that can open the exit explanation that the application is not identified. And if we want to open it with other applications, available options open with the option to provide all the options that have been embedded applications diponsel.
8. If we synchronize the phone with the PC / computer using the PC Suite will be seen in the PC screen virtual drive as a separate

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