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Excellence & Fact-fact Seputar Windows XP SP3

Jumat, Januari 02, 2009

1. Windows XP SP3 more immune from the virus on the version of SP2
SP3 security system adopted kulitas Windows Vista (NAP) which is known as the operating system teraman in the world.

NAP (Network Access Protection) is a technology policy inspect the computer before connecting with a large network, and will also automatically make pengeblokan or if there are that do not meet security criteria.
The uniqueness of the other is when we try to install SP3 on a computer that contains a virus, trojan and spyware, and found that SP3 automatically delete all the trash-bin, and replace it with the new system.
When the computer virus that infected and want to change the system from Windows XP, the system will automatically restart the computer and mengagalkannya. The virus itself is active in the startup is not immediately lost, but can be cleared through the safe mode.
2. Hardware detection and faster plug ins
When Windows XP SP2 to detect new hardware such as flash disk is installed on a new computer, install and when we go back, sometimes still detected again by SP2. If the SP3 this does not happen. Hardware that have been installed on the computer, just once detected. On the next, with SP3 already recognizes both, without having to re-detection of breast and bengeknya. In addition, the process itself faster than SP2.
3. Improvements to the Direct-X and other errors
When the computer that has a Direct-X version, can not be upgraded to the Direct-X 9.0c or damaged, it will automatically SP3 to updatenya during install. Direct-X from the SP3 is more stable and appeared to recognize the new extension of the video-video player, the previous error sometimes when diliihat the file in Windows Explorer.
We got some information relating to the error-error when opening the folder or Windows Explorer, an application system crashes, and others. SP3 and in fact we almost did not see at all. Applications browser (IE, FireFox and Opera) are also out of sudden we have never experienced sejal install SP3.

Facts Seputar Windows XP SP3:

1. SP3 fix the bug and around 1174 security update
2. SP3 can be installed to the computer that contains at least SP1, so do not need to be updated before SP2 to installnya
3. SP3 also contains updates for Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and security update for the. NET Framework version 1.0
4. SP3 also security update for Windows Media Player 10
5. For Windows XP retail and OEM versions, SP3 will not ask for serial no. when the installnya

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