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Change Yahoo! Messenger Default Status Messages With Your Own Customized Messages

Senin, Februari 02, 2009

Lemme tell you how I found this trick?
Recently I started using WLM and I used to have my own customized status messages in both yahoo! messenger as well as WLM. But I found an annoying thing in Yahoo! messenger. It always forgets our own customized messages at every startup and set "Available" as default. On the other hand WLM always remembers our customized status messages.

So I opened Resource Hacker and started doing R&D with Yahoo! messenger's "Program Files" folder files. After a few minutes R&D, I found the desired strings in "res_msgr.dll" file.
So here is the complete tutorial to change the default status messages in Yahoo! messenger to our own customized text:

1. Open "%programfiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\res_msgr.dll" file in Resource Hacker.
2. Goto:

Menu -> 376 -> 2057

and in right-side pane, u can replace the existing status messages with your own desired strings. But remember it'll only change the menu text, which is displayed when we click on "Messenger -> My Status".
3. Now the final thing, to change the original status messages, goto:

String Table -> 695 -> 2057
String Table -> 696 -> 2057

and in right-side pane, change the status messages with your desired text.
Thats it guys. There are lots of other interesting things in this file, which can also be hacked to change the menu/dialog appearance of Yahoo! Messenger.

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aaLiL mengatakan...

Nce info bos...saya baru tau neh..hehe maklum lah pemula maish meraba2 gt..

keep share bos.

Nb: Link saya pasang bos..


3 Februari 2009 02.42

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