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yahoo messenger ID with 2 or more

Jumat, Januari 02, 2009

Create you who like a Yahoo chat messenger in one computer log for YM with two different User Id for the time together, of course been a bone of ngrasain do make ym same room of a friend or a person's house: D, is usually the first to win or should make more senior first

but now it is quiet NGK will fight again if i make a computer message, but now the difference is now bone of the mouse or keyboard, with some changes in our computer registry, then we can seek a yahoo messenger so that we can in the PC in use for 2 of my ID same time ..

You interested? here's how:
1. Click Start => Run => regedit
2. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => a => pager => test
3. On the right, right-click => New => DWORD value
4. Plural name hit enter 2 times and give the value 1
After that, try to open a new YM, content with the other ID, roads 2 YM with 2 ID at a time of course.
Hopefully useful and safe chatting jolly ...

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