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Windows XP Login to Linux/Unix Samba Networking

Jumat, Januari 23, 2009

I just clean-installed Windows XP Pro and used the same workgroup, PC name, use account name, and password. I previously ran Windows 200 Pro and it had no problem connecting to my private account on a Red Hat Linux server running Samba for Windows networking. I can see accounts on the server with guest access, but my private, password-protected account is no longer visible in My Network Places. How do I configure Windows XP to access it?

Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, click the specific user, and in Related Tasks at the top of the resulting window, choose Manage my network passwords. In the Stored User Names and Passwords window that results, click the Add button. In the Server: text box, Enter the Linux/Unix server name. My server is simply called Linux. In the User name: text box, Enter server name/user name; e.g., linux/lbyard. and enter the password. Reboot. With the Windows Explorer, look in My Network Places, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network, the workgroup name, for the linux server name, and click the + beside it. You should then see the account. When you click on it the first time it may ask you for the password. After the first time, it should not prompt for the password. For convenience you can then click and hold the Account name in the Windows Explorer and drag it to the My Network Places icon. That will create a short cut to the account and put it where it is readily visible.

8/22/04 I just tried this again with Windows XP Pro SP2 and it rejected linux/lbyard. linux\lbyard worked.

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