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Windows Software: Protect your computer with Bluelock

Selasa, Januari 27, 2009

Have you ever leave your computer when you log in to the race was off to a meeting or lunch? I used to leave it logged in one day I questioned my boss about the email sent from my computer, he can ask me if I have a baby with her. colleagues have been playing a joke on me. I soon learned to lock my computer when not in front of me.

Locking the computer is a fairly simple task. Windows + L key combination will lock your computer quickly. He was still easy to forget though, so why not automatically with a little help from Bluetooth!
Bluelock is a small program that runs in the task tray. If you detect a (telephone), has moved away from your computer. If Bluelock can not find the phone out of reach, it will automatically lock your computer. When you return, you can type your password, you know that the computer has been safe during your trip.
No installation is required in both the phone or your computer. In fact, there is no software required on your phone at all. All that is needed is Bluetooth on your computer and your phone. I found it to be very reliable in testing on both XP and Vista.
Many still have the device on their version of Bluetooth has a distance of 10 meters. Unfortunately, the new Bluetooth signals can reach up to 100 meters on a good day, so this program to work, you must be more than 100m from your computer.
Bluelock available for free from. Download Link

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