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Tweak and Improve Windows Vista Performance with Vista Services Optimizer

Jumat, Januari 23, 2009

Vista Services Optimizer is a free tweaking utility that able to improve Windows Vista performance. It can tweak Windows services automatically in a safe way according to the way the users use the computer and what software has been installed. Beside that, Vista Services Optimizer also allow the advanced users who need more control over Windows services to tweak Windows Vista services manually in an easy and safe way.


Others Highlight Key features of Vista Services Optimizer:

* Tweak it easily - Easy to use utility that enables to improve Windows Vista performance and security with a simple mouse clicks without the need of any other software.
* Tweak it safely- Optimize Windows performance and security in a safe way without causing harm to systems and able to undo any changes has made to system by using Smart Rescue Center.
* Service Diagnotics - Can inspect system performance and security status according Windows Vista services configurations, how the users are using computer and what software used. It also provides the user with solutions for certain performance and security problems.
* Service Profiles - Enabled the users to save theie service optimization options into a file called “Windows Service Profile” that helps users apply thier different optimization options in seconds.

Download Vista Services Optimizer

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