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Tips caring laptop

Minggu, Januari 04, 2009

Laptops damaged more vulnerable than the PC. Therefore, we have to treat or properly merawatnya to age longer. Do not until a new laptop a few months we like to be broken only because we treat one or merawatnya. Maybe we need to see Tips below that laptop to work on the maximum performance.

Do not drink and dekatkan with the liquid with a laptop, if the laptop up to the spill could cause components in konsleting.

Do not put a laptop with a source of magnetic fields, such as TV, Speacker Active, Radio Tape or mobile phone. Magnetic fields will affect mainly harddisknya laptop components.

If you bring a laptop in order to put into special bags. Laptop bags made in such a way so that the laptop case is not easy to graze with the surrounding objects can be muted or even shocks, small shocks. If you need to periodically clean casingnya with cloth / cloth that can be purchased at computer stores.

Do not move, move the laptop at the time are still alive. Laptops are the means of living harddisknya are working so that when driven hard disk can cause a scratch cylinder head that will result in fatal.

Use stavolt or stabilizer. When using electricity directly, make sure to use stavolt / stabilizer or UPS to anticipate the increased voltage drop in power.

Do not lend laptops to any person. This is purely to prevent the possibility of punishment if we meminjami of the accident frivolous.

Install anti-virus and updatelah regularly. Do not be careless download software from the Internet free of charge. Maybe we download malware / spyware that masquerade as a freeware.

Put the laptop on the horizontal position not italics. In addition to less ergonomis also cause a position on the hard disk is not the correct position ..

Shutdown properly. Never let off the laptop with the power / battery. Electric power that can cause sudden death hard disk problems.

Save where the temperature is not too extreme. Never leave the laptop in the car park is currently in place or a hot car engine is still alive. Excessive heat can damage the components laptop.

Do not put a laptop in a soft surface, so the laptop can be seen sinking to prevent heat out more quickly so that the laptop heat.

Never disassemble your own laptop. especially those still common. If you're still in the warranty period more prudent if you bring them to the authorized services.

LCD screen with a dry soft cloth and dry. With a soft cloth, do not press too hard and one way only, for example, from left to right. LCD formed by liquid crystal (to display the image) so that the surface is thin and frail. Therefore, even if have to appoint a monitor with a finger or pen (or other objects) to be let alone touch with pressing hard.

Clean the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner or inject air in between the buttons. Do not knock or mengguncangkan with the hard keyboard.

Be careful when opening and closing the laptop screen. LCD between the CPU there is a hinge so that the function LCD can move freely according to the slope we want. At the time of opening or closing the LCD, do not be too hard menghentak that can cause broken hinges.

Treat the battery properly. Especially for the first time the battery should you fill and empty the full three times in succession, and also applies to the old battery is not saved or used many sunday. If using the battery type Ni-MH, you have to clear every sunday / months. If you plan to store a laptop in a long time should remove the battery from the laptop.

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