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Software Anti Keylogger: Prevent your Account and Password perforated Others

Kamis, Januari 08, 2009

Software AntiKeylogger


Software Anti-Keylogger ShieldHati careful when using computers in the cafe as possible an account and password Bank Online or your email account will be stolen by other people using the software Keylogger.

Keylogger software? what's that? Keylogger software is software that works behind the scenes that work activities record your keyboard when you're mengetikan something in the computer. And the results sent to email someone.

Keylogger software can be used for the positive or negative, depending on the person installing. Keylogger software can be used to record the address of a site that was visited by our children so that we can memonitornya.

But this software can also be used to record the account password and other people, such as bank account online, email, etc..

Keylogger software is usually installed in the cafe-cafe or public computer facilities by people who are not responsible for the goal to steal the account / password that people use computers in places page.

I never tried this software. And how the account and password that I get? tens, from start to online bank account with an email account. But it's only a means to learn it. Accounts are not open I never use more than anything else ... I guarantee!

For that you need is software such as anti Keylogger Software Anti Keylogger Shield. This software can be downloaded for free here.

How this software is to stop the functions of the existing Keylogger software on the computer. So you will be safe and do not need to be kawatir again when mengetikan account and password in your computer.

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