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Create flash easily recognized that

Kamis, Januari 08, 2009

Make a flash that's easy to recognize in the computer, sometimes we borrow we continue to put the flash is tabel the tabel many flash both owned our own property, or what a friend.

I make a fuss flashdisknya same shape and then we merk quite difficult to distinguish which of the property belonging to us or our friends before you borrow.

Many ways to flash easily identified, one with a sticker or be written spidol. But I think it is less elegant.
Nah, I have a simple and elegant tricks that flash recognize, easy step by step as follows:

1. Prepare an image file icon and change the name of the file icon into myicon.ico page (it's up to you what name would be an important extension must file icon. ICO)
2. Create a text file by using notepad and type:

icon =. \ myicon.ico
label = Your Name (eg, the identity of the other store brand, company or whatever it's up to you)

3. Save the file with the name autorun.inf
4. Copy the file autorun.inf and their image files to the icon before you flash.
5. Unplug the computer from Flashdisk (Remember! Before the flash should be revoked according to the procedures that revocation is not damaged flash)

6. inputs flash back to your computer and see the results.

interesting is not it?

congratulations to try: D

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