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Backup Files To Email With only 1 Click Times

Kamis, Januari 08, 2009

Backup Software To EmailDulu I often feel frustrated when diwarnet and immediately want to store files (documents, images, mpd, etc.) but the important mine forgot flash.
Finally, save it to my email with Gmail mengattachkan file. But I think the process is too long because I have to login, make a new email, etc..

Fortunately now there are wonderful and free software called Backup To EMail. With the software I can membackup important files to my email with Gmail is easy and fast living that is the file that will highlight dibackup, right-click, and click the backup to email, the file directly incoming / saved to my gmail email.

This software can also work on the origin of email than Gmail email supports POP3 / SMTP. The lack of this software is only able to save / backup file size of up to 10 mb.

Please download the software to backup Email here.

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